Monday, 1 August 2011

Ahmed Mater

Born in 1979, Ahmed Mater lives and works in Abha, capital of the mountainous Aseer region in southern Saudi Arabia, where he combines his career as an artist with that of a medical doctor at the local hospital.

Mater may best be described as an illuminator of both form and ideas and a man of energy and few habits. It is from this knowledge of both loss and enlightenment that Mater appears to have the ability to move from expressing sadness and anger to sharing his insights with a sense of humor and lifegiving lightness. In the work which has brought him fame in both Europe and the Middle East, he combined explicit notes from his medical education with a palimpsest of religious symbols and cultural references.
Illumination (Ottoman Waqf)   
"I was drawn to the skeleton at the centre of the canvas, fascinated by the complexity of this painting, and in curator mode attempted to decode it."

Gold Leaf, Tea, Pomegranate, Dupont Chinese ink & offset X-Ray film print  on paper
H152 CM x W 102 CM x 2
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collection

Magnetism Installation - Prototype 1

"The idea is simple, like its central element, forcefully attractive. Mater gives a twist to a magnet and sets in motion tens of thousands of particles of iron..."

Magnetism Installation - Prototype I
Magnets and Iron Filings

Evolution of Man
“I am a country man and at the same time, the son of this strange, scary oil civilisation. In ten years our lives changed completely.."
Evolution of Man
H79.2 CM X W59.4CM
5 silk-screen prints signed and numbered by the artist Printed with 11 colours on 400GSM Somerset Tub paper
H80 x W60cm (each)
Edition size: 100 + 10AP’s

 Yellow Cow
"Ahmed took a childhood story from his mosque and renewed it, by wondering what would have happened if the cow was still alive"
ellow Cow Cheese (Red) 142 x 114cm
Silkscreen Print
Edition of 35

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