Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Structure Semiotics

Semiotics of the structure, or structure semiotics, is a domain of research on the frontiers of graph theory and semiotics. It constitutes a practical way to semiotic modeling the structures and their properties.
Under the structure be understand the general as well as the cognitive (epistemological) meaning of a structure as a relationship or organizational form of its elements. Semiotics of the structure can be one of the many kinds of object-oriented semiotics.

  • Exploring the general meaning of structure and compilation its formalized interpretation
  • Constructing a semiotic model of the structure
  • Exploring the structural properties.

In each system have an important role their empirical properties of elements and relationships. Each system has a function and structure. Structure constitutes an abstraction of the system, its "skeleton", where its elements and relationships are loose empirical meanings and their diversity is expressed in the form of different positions in the structure. Structure is presentable in the form of a graph (mathematics) and is intimately related with invariance and isomorphism.

 The outcome, in a non mathematical sense is a map in skeleton form emulating elements and their relationships in a systematic way. Intricate shapes are formed, that i find inspiring.

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  1. Hi,
    can you tell me the source of the illustrations? I am seeking graph theoretic methods to compactly describe the 240 solutions to the SOMA cube puzzle.