Sunday, 24 July 2011

"Romek extends his musings beyond Posner's, to Stellios the fishmonger's, O'Rourke's hardware and Bosso's workshop. Where is it they come from? yes. carmigano de Brenta. Posner had spelt it out. Posner knows the details as hairdressers do, knows that Giacomo had arrived in Melbourne in 1951, and Gina in '53.Knows that Gina had voyaged halfway around the globe as a proxy bride to marry a boy from the same town, the same street. Skilled artisans, determined workers, they had landed on their feet; fellow country man Mick Tallon, the shoe repairer's one block removed, who tends the soles of numerous shoes that pound Carlton streets...
She hesitates then quickens her step over Curtain Street, past the Kent Hotel and Chris, the Cypriot greengrocer with the black moustache. She pauses by basso the Tailors', where she dicerns the outline of the tailors dummy through the thin fabric of the shopfront curtain, and catches the drone of sewing machines through the half open doors.
Giacomo and Gina -  he the cutter, she the finisher - are a formidable team. Zofia admires their industry, the appareant harmony between husband and wife. After all, tailor's dummies, measuring tapes and spools of thread are her concern... She is back in Goldman's workshop, Kasimerz, 1935"
'Scraps of Heaven' Arnold Zable.

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